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Leverage bowling machines are not only the best in the world, but are also most economical.

We offer our products with a "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE", and suggest the buyer to demand the same from other bowling machine suppliers. You can compare and choose the the best!



- The RoboArm is the world's fastest ball throwing aid
- The tiltable cup helps to maintain the natural throw.
- It does not cause shoulder injury.
RoboArm can generate speed upto 160KMPH.

Available @ Rs. 3,000/-
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Introducing DIY KIT for
Cricket Bowling Machine @ Rs. 10,000/-
Baseball Pitching Machine @ Rs. 10,000/-
Machine for Lawn Tennis @ Rs. 15,000/-
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"The performance of Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines has been extremely good and service provided is extremely satisfactory!"
Cricket Bowling Machine

National Cricket Academy

"Leverage Cricket Bowling Machines are unique and well developed. I recommend Leverage Bowling Machines to all the youngsters."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Gautam Gambhir

"I found Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine far superior to any other Cricket Bowling Machines I have ever used."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Sachin Tendulkar

"The Cricket Bowling Machine is excellent and very useful. Can be a very useful tool for improving batting skills."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Rahul Dravid

"It was a great experience to bat. I for one think its great innovation. Really enjoyed. Cheers!!"
Cricket Bowling Machine

Murali Vijay

"The Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine is surely the best machine I’ve used. Its accurate and very useful to improve reflexes."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Robin Uthappa

"The Spingball is a great innovation. It’s very challenging for batsmen.
Cricket Bowling Machine

K L Rahul

"With Spingball I could get to practice the lateral movement off the pitch. Its an excellent tool to improve batting skills."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Sanju Samson

"The Leverage cricket products are very useful for cricketers! Using Speedarm with Spingball helps to reproduce swing deliveries when thrown straight at a rapid pace."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Raj Kumar Sharma(BCCI Coach)

"By using Leverage Cricket Bowling Machine, a novice to elite cricketer can improve his skills by leaps and bounds in a relatively short duration!"
Cricket Bowling Machine

Atul Gaikwad(BCCI Coach)

"Spingball is very good tool for batting practice."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Sunil Joshi(BCCI Coach)

"Leverage cricket bowling machine is for new generation cricket and a must have tool for a coach/player. It provides great practice!"
Cricket Bowling Machine

Sanjay Bharadwaj(BCCI Coach)

"Leverage Spingball helps me to schedule intense practice sessions and challenge the Batsmen!"
Cricket Bowling Machine

Bijju George(BCCI Coach)

"Leverage Spingball generates great deviation of the pitch. It is a grat tool for a coach to create complex and challenging practice for a batsman."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Krishna Rao(BCCI Coach)

"Spingball & Speedarm Combination is very useful for a coach. Using Spingball one can produce good spin deliveries. It compels a batsman to play consciously."
Cricket Bowling Machine

Sanjay Bharadwaj(BCCI Coach)

"Leverage Cric-Avatar is a World-Class Simulator and The service provided by Leverage is exceptional! I strongly recommend this!"
Cricket Bowling Machine

High Volt

"My son has begun practicing with Leverage Yantra bowling machine and is improving a lot on playing spin and swing deliveries!"
Cricket Bowling Machine